Community Letter of Support

Dear Academy Museum of Motion Pictures Board of Trustees and Leadership,

As members of the community, we stand with and support the employees who are organizing their union, Academy Museum Workers United.

We believe in every worker's legal right to organize their union, without fear of retaliation or interference from management. Creating a safe, respectful and equitable environment in which workers can speak freely and flourish is essential to the mission of the Academy Museum.

The Academy Museum is an active community center, which would not be possible without the labor of the museum workers. We strongly believe in the Academy Museum’s mission to embrace diversity and be radically inclusive and believe that when workers have a voice on the job, they lay the foundation for a more equitable institution.

We call on the Academy Museum’s administration to be neutral as the workers organize their union and to recognize them upon their demonstration of majority support.

Charles Allen, AFSCME Council 57
Olivia Anderson, Community Member
Dulce Armendariz, SEIU-UHW
Laura Aveidi, Business Owner
Hanul Bahm, Former AMWU Employee
Rubyll Banuelos, Self Employed
Jenna Barone, UFT
Gregory Bartow, Field Staff Association
Wendy Bautista, Community Member
Bree Beal, Community Member
Emily Beaver, Community Member
Denise Bedikian, Community Member
Amy Benziger, Community Member
Mariah Berlanga-Shevchuk, Community Member
Jacob Berman, Museum Member
Scott Bernard, IATSE Local 695
Casey Berner, AFT local 2334
Mekhala Bijawat, Artist
Phil Blankenship, Community Member
Melinna Bobadilla, SAG AFTRA
Abby Boyle, IATSE Local 700
Emilee Bozzard, Former museum employee
Tess Bracy, Community Member
Robert Brehmer, I.A.T.S.E. Local 695
Laurel Bridges, IATSE locals 52 and 695
monty buckles, IATSE 695
nancy burns, Worcester Art Museum
Hansen Bursic, Documentary Workers United
Francesca Butler, WGA
Laura Cathrine, Plum Tree Conversations
daniel chapman, Artist
Tuni Chatterji, Community Member
Spencer Christiano, IATSE Local 695
Brendan Coates, former Academy Foundation employee
Paige Collins, Community Member
Autumn Colombo, Supporter
Adam Conover, Writers Guild of America, West
Katherine Coogan, Museum Employee
Emma Cooper-Mullin, Community Member
Jackson Cruz, Union Member
Courtney Custodio, B-192
Chelsea D, Community Member
Bedatri Datta Choudhury, Documentary Workers Union
Dan Davis, Editor
Thom Davis, California IATSE Council
Lavender-Cygnet De Julia, Former AMWU Employee
Courtney Dean, UC-AFT
Tyler Doolittle, Community Member
Abigail Doupnik, Union Member
Ty Easley, Artist
Harry Eskin, Museum Member
Noel Espinosa, IATSE LOCAL 695
Niousha F, Community
Jason Fennell, Homeless Cop
Rebecca Fien, Supporter
Margot Fitzsimmons, Theatre Director and Educator at Westmark School
Sara Flocks, Supporter
Ingrid Flores, Former AMWU Employee
Fernando Flores, Community Member
John Fonseca, Local 695
Brian Foster,
Claira Freeman, Community Member
Ashley Gable, WGA
Veronica Galvez, Community Member
Hayley Gardner, Community Member
Sairy Gil, People's Project
Hannah Gizelle, Artist
Arne Gjelten, Community Member
Mark Grinberg, Visitor Experience Associate, Academy Musuem Employee
Elizabeth Guevara-Marr, Community Member
Jenna Gulick, Community Member
Tiffany Gustanski, Community Member
Jesus Guzman, Community Member
Ilda Guzman, Community Member
Dennis Hammermeister, IATSE local 695
Kylie Harris, UCLA Graduate Student, UAW 2865 Member
Anita Hart, Community Member
Tom Hartig, IATSE Local 695
Michelle Hatfield, California Higher Education Staff Union
Monique Hernandez, Filmmaker
Matthew Hoffman, Museum Member
Janet Holden, Writer
Isidore Holder, Artist
Sharon Smith Holley, AMMP Patron member, ACE, AMPAS, MPEG Secretary.
Emrys Holmes, Hayward Public Library, SEIU 1021
Amy Homma, Supporter
Frida Isiordia, Community Member
Nikki James, Supporter
Jacqueline Johnson, University of Southern California
Ricci Jones, Community Member
Jami Jurich, Community Member
Gillian Kane,
Jennifer Kaplan, Community Member
Sean P Kilcoyne, Academy Film Archive
Sarah King, Community Member
Tom Kracauer, Artist
Francesca Krampe, Academy Foundation Workers United
Ken Kristensen, Academy Nicholl Fellow and founding Academy Museum Member
Valerie Kuo, LA federation of labor
Keenan Kusnierczyk, Business Owner
Ruth Lane, Community Member
Krystal Ledesma, Community Member
Ryan Lentini, AFSCME Local 126 (MOCA), Former Academy Employee
Zizi Li, Community Member
Yunyi Li, UAW 2865
Kyra Lianos, Academy Museum
Patrick Llaguno, Artist
Paola Lopez, Community Member
Janine M, Community Member
Shana Mabari, Artist
Omar Madkour, Former AMWU Employee
Jonny Mais, Community Member
Noah Marger, Museum Member
Marisa Martin, Community Member
Emily Martin, Community Member
lauren matthews, Artist
Genevieve Maxwell, Academy Foundation Workers Union
Ella May, Supporter
Michael Mazzacane, Community Member
Michael McClure, Freelance Filmaker
Justine McGowan, Community Member
Carl McKay, Museum Member
Sean Michon, Artist
Chi Min, Academy Museum of Motion and Pictures
Veronica Monteyro, Artist
Temple Moore, Community Member
Ryan Moorman, Museum Member
Constance Morgan, Artist
Layla Muchnik-Benali, Wexner Center for the Arts
Trent Nakamura, Artist
heidi nakamura, IATSE
Michelle Nava, CTA
Sophie Newell, Artist
Alissa Nguyen, Supporter
Alanna Nissen, Community Member
Amelia Nista, Artist
Russell Nohelty, Wannabe Press
Lauren O, Supporter
Lily Oster, Community Member
Luis Osuna, Former AMWU Employee
Ryan Page, Artist
Lisa Palombi, AFSCME Council 36 & Local 2626
Daniel Peretz, Former AMWU Employee
Mike Peters, Former AMWU Employee
Sara Pignataro,
Kristen Pomroy, Community Member
Steve Porter, Public Services International
Anna Potts, Community Member
Karen Poulos, Supporter
Marty Preciado, Community Member
Melissa Purner, Museum Member
Jackie Quinn, Community Member
Johnny Ramirez, Community Member
Bethanie Rayburn, Former Teamsters (Disney)
Kiva Reardon, Former AMWU Employee
sara reihani, Artist
Audioninja Inc. Reza Moosavi, IATSE LOCAL 695
Orson Rheinfurth, Local 695,600
Orson Rheinfurth, IATSE Local 695,600
Yanely Rivas, Artist
Gabriel Rivera, Artist
Enrique Rivera, Artist
Arthur Rochester, I.A.T.S.E., Local 695
Howard A. Rodman, Writer
Naomi Rodri, Former AMWU Employee
José Rodríguez, MOCA
Diandra Rodriguez, Community Member
Kait Roelofs, AICWU
Tyler Ruggeri, WGA
Jocelyn Ruiz, LA Fed
Edith Saldano, Starbucks Workers United Barista
Stephanie Samera, Former UAW Local 2110 Member
Chrissy Samples, Artist
Ana Santiago, Former AMWU Employee
Ivy Santos, Netflix Animation
Sarika Sanyal, Community Member
Andrew Saxon, Community Member
Mitchell Schieber, Artist
Lara Schilling, Artist
Kasra Shokravi, Artist
Leslie Simmons, The Animation Guild, IATSE Local 839
David Slack, Writers Guild of America, West
Emma Smart, Community Member
Scott Smith, IATSE Local 695
Barbara and Raymond Smith, AMMP Patron members, AMMP
Alexander J. Smitrovich, SAG, Local B-192
Alisa Sookne, Community Member
Ronni Anne Spamg, IATSE 695
Angela Spidalette, Museum Member
Sarah Sprague,
Ken Staffey, Community Member
Melinda Stang, Community Member
Justin Stark, Artist
Kristina Stone, Former AMWU Employee
Garrett Stralnic, Walters Workers United
Victoria Stuemke, Supporter
Patrick Sugrue, AFSCME Council 28 / WFSE
Renee Tajima-Peña, Academy Documentary Branch member
Martin Talty, IATSE Local 695
Bridget Terrell, Artist
Josh Terris, Artist
Geoffrey Tock, WGA
Madeleine Togneri, Supporter
Tiffany Tong, Artist
Ashley Tuttle, Supporter
Ace Ubas, AFSCME Local 126 (MOCA)
Alissandra Valdez, Former AMPAS Employee & UTLA member
Dar Vanderbeck, Community Member
Patricia Vazquez, Supporter
Jimmy W, Community Member
Clare Wallmark, Artist
Gabriella Walls, Community Member
Holly Walters, Museum Member
Laura Watson, Community Member
Erica Webb, Community Member
Charlotte Westwater, Artist
Georgia Westwood, Union Member
Emily Wheeler, Starbucks Workers United
Andra Whipple, Union Member
Ellen Wiese, Artist
Timothy Wilson, UCLA Film & Television Archive
Tiffany Woo,
David Woods, Community Member
Kaitlyn Yang, Alpha Studioss
Christina Ybarra, Community Member
Aly Young, California Labor Federation